About Lara's

Vito and Francesco are delighted to announce the re-opening of Lara's Restaurant. Deeply rooted in Italy's culinary traditions, Lara's home-cooked Italian fare is exceptional in every way and recreates traditional specialities and regional renditions with great attention to detail. Evoking a sense of nostalgic comfort, the assorted offerings at this small Italian restaurant are a labour of passion which creates a wonderful symphony of flavours, texture and aroma that warms the hearts of its neighbours and tourists alike.
Focusing primarily on the quality of the ingredients, the restaurant's culinary expert has explored different regions across Italy, handpicking the finest products and fruits to curate a menu that abounds in variety as it does in authenticity. 


Our products

At Lara's, we are proud to offer the finest Italian products. You can find on a daily basis typical product such as artisanal pasta and Olive oil, Italian biscotti and rice. We also offer freshly sliced cured meat as we used to do back at home. Mortadella, Soppressata Calabrese, Parma Ham and a nice selection of cheeses. This and much more at Lara's.

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